St.Alphonsa Convent, Jasdan

Place : Jasdan
Parish: Rajkot
Established Year: 2012
Address: Alphonsa Convent Shivrajpur, Ghelasomnath Road Jasdan, Rajkot Dt.
Phone: 8238407858

This house was started in a rented building on 3rd May 2012.In fact it is our humble attempt to bring a bright future for our mission. It is only the initial step taken with the hope of having a full-fledged school and convent later in the land we bought in April 2012,  in Shivarajpur  village of Jasdan  Taluka about 5km away from Jasdan city. The expectation to have self-sufficiency for our mission in future was behind this humble beginning. The land was bought with the funds supplied from our province in Thamarassery and other provinces also have extended their monetary help. At present we stay in a rented building in Jasdan city, have started a play house and LKG and HKG  with 92 students altogether. We expect to have our own buildings for school and convent in near future. The formal inauguration of St.Alphonsa Convent School took place on 6th June 2012.

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